Ryan Guettler

Name: Ryan Guettler
Where you are living right now: Beenleigh, Australia
Sponsors: SNAFU, Hyper Bicycles

Ryan Guettler (born 17 July 1983) is a BMX Dirt and Freestyle rider from Beenleigh, Australia. Making his international debut at the 2001 Asian X Games alongside Colin MacKay and Jesse Boughton, Guettler won a silver medal, Colin won a bronze medal and Jesse took the gold. Ryan used his winnings to make his U.S. debut with Vans the next year, shortly after a showing in the Global X Games, where he represented Australia.

Becoming a regular on the BMX circuit in 2004, Guettler placed 1st in the Vans Triple Crown series in Dirt, and 4th in Street. Guettler has, for the most part, sustained his success, competing most notably in the 2005 and 2006 AST Dew Tours. In 2005 he swept Dew Cups in both of his competing disciplines, dirt and park; however, he was not able to carry over his successes from 2005 to 2006, mostly due to injuries he sustained early in the season. Ryan participates in local contests as well as global contests, such as the Heavy Metal Heroes in Beenleigh.