Warranty Claims

Instructions for Processing All Warranty Claims

We want everyone who rides SNAFU parts and accessories to be happy with their quality and performance. Sometimes, however, accidents happen. If you’re disappointed with the function or durability of any SNAFU product, please return it to us for warranty inspection and replacement.

Step 1) Remove the broken or defective part from your bicycle and return it to us via UPS or registered USPS. There is no free replacement for broken or defective parts without returned merchandise. No exceptions.

Step 2) Make sure to include the following information on a letter inside the box that contains your returned merchandise:

Full name
City, state, zip code
Phone number
E-mail address

If you have a copy of the original receipt, attach it to your letter.

Step 3) Send your broken or defective part and the letter to:

SNAFU Warranty
177 Malaga Park Drive
Malaga, NJ 08328


Again, no replacement parts will be given to customers who don’t return their broken or defective part for our inspection. No exceptions